Business Analytics

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Business Analytics

Business Analytics

Understanding how Business Analytics uses a variety of skills, tools and techniques to examine business problems and look for their solutions in a structured manner by utilising data is very important. Till now, students and prospective business analysts have acquired this knowledge by reading books and attending lectures. However, these conventional strategies fall short of meeting the requirements of a globalised and dynamic business environment.

This course is an experiential learning model that provides insightful videos featuring industry experts, contemporary reading material and an opportunity to participate in Webinars where the expert will talk about select case studies. You get an opportunity to analyse real-life case studies. This is the key to gaining a competitive edge in the fast-paced and competitive field of Business Analytics.


Who Should Attend

    • Engineering and IT Students – BTech / BE, BCA, MCA, BSc-IT, MSc-IT
    • Commerce & Finance Students – BCom / MCom, Economics Graduates, MBA or BBA looking for Finance and Retail Analytics career
    • Working professionals Highly recommended for people aspiring for jobs that required data handling – Research, Marketing, IT Services, Big Data & more
    • People who are already employed, but want to upskill themselves in the domain of Business Analytics

Topics Covered

  • What is Business Analytics?
  • Understanding Data and Big Data Analytics in the Enterprise
  • Business Analytics, Business Intelligence and Data Mining
  • Analytical Decision-Making
  • Analysing Business Problems Using Key Questions
  • Future of Business Analytics and Social Media Analytics
  • Basic Statistical Concepts, Types of Data & Sampling Techniques
  • Frequency Distributions and Measures Of Central Tendency
  • Variability and Shape
  • One-way Analysis of Variance and Correlation
  • Linear Regression and Linear Programming