Google Analytics

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Google Analytics

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a tool offered by Google to help digital marketers collect and analyse data about who is coming to their site, which digital marketing promotions are bringing people to the site, what visitors are doing on the site, and what they are buying on the site.

It is available as a free version that is used by almost every site in the world. It is used to track visitors on your site and their behaviour with your site’s elements. Google Analytics is used by over 90% of websites around the world for tracking website visitors. More than 60% of Fortune 500 companies use Google Analytics Premium, which is the paid version of Google Analytics.

This Google Analytics and Tag Manager Course introduces you to Google Analytics and teaches you how to apply Google Analytics skills to understand and improve the performance of any website in terms of visitors, their acquisition, and their Interaction with the site. It gives a practical approach on how Google Analytics works, its implementation, interface dashboard explanation, different report analysis, and data interpretation in order to best serve a given business with actionable insights. It also teaches you how to use Google URL Builder to collect more detailed information about visitors to your site. It provides guidance to think through advanced web marketing strategies with a global and local perspective.


Benefits to You

A learner who completes Google Analytics and Tag Manager Course will reap the following benefits:

    • Will be able to use all key features of Google Analytics.
    • Will be able to incorporate both web and mobile app Analytics.
    • Get mastery on advanced skills like how to use Google Tag Manager with Google Analytics.
    • Practice through simulated exercises.
    • See live implementation and tracking on website and mobile app.
    • Get an overview of today’s digital measurement landscape.
    • Get guidance on how to build an effective measurement plan.
    • Will be able to leverage the best practices for collecting actionable data.
    • Will be able to combine tag manager and URL builder tool.
    • Will be able to link with AdWords and Webmaster Tools.
    • Get ready for Google Analytics Certification by Google.

Learning Outcomes

After doing this course, you will be able to:

  • Use Google Analytics for capturing visitor’s engagement on your websites or mobile apps
  • Measure website’s or mobile app’s performance and visitor’s behaviour
  • Use Google analytics reports to create strategies to improve traffic and visibility on your website or mobile app